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The Bedroom Tapes: Repercussions, Book # 2

Jane Eyre meets Frank Lloyd Wright

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During a courtroom drama, the pounding [of a] gavel leaves a resounding ringing in Paul Munzar's ears. The judge and attorneys work hard to get to the bottom of a construction site fatality in which a young man was killed. Jack Cavfontoli is also a suspect. Kayla Klyne is there to support Paul and is totally surprised by [a] chance character witness taking the stand, that she can't remember where or if she has ever seen her. So how could she know Paul well enough to testify on his behalf? Could she be his reclusive wife? 

The Judge is not impressed with the conduct of the rivaling attorneys representing both sides; (one is above eccentricity and heavy- handedness, the other thinks he's preaching a church service at his weekend church). He is also fed up with Jack's courtroom antics, thinking that he can sing his way through the trial. He reminds him that he is not auditioning for the Grand Ole Opry. Does Jack leak secrets about Paul's intimate affairs and the bedroom tapes? On which side of the aisle do Jack's uncles sit? If Paul was the primary architect, why did Jack's uncles who raised him, Ciro and Claronz Cavfontoli, give Paul full rein over the construction project?      

If only the wind chime of which the bedroom tapes were made, had never accidentally made its way to the auction house floor, maybe it would not have come to this: could Paul, who claims to be an innocent family man, have orchestrated the accident? Could Jack have set Paul up, framing him because he can't get the family treasured chime back? Can Kayla hold tight on her emotions, while dealing with Paul's continuing obsession of the bedroom tapes, knowing that, if he loses the case, that could be the end of their love affair? Not to mention, his life as a free man? Does Paul finally win the Pritzker Architecture Prize, fulfilling one of his life dreams?      

Echoes hearken back from the past, the music intertwines, if not enthralls, the main characters, seemingly beckoning new levels of hope and despair. Infused in this piece are many songs, some of which are by John Klemmer, ("Touch" and "Barefoot Ballet"). 


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This is Book # 2 of The Bedroom Tapes: Repercussions, The Repercussions Series, ratcheting up the drama and excitement to a showstopping- performance end. 

-- Author Kathi Kenner

Author's Notes:

I wanted something classic, more so, than modern for my book series, so I thought about the chemistry between Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall (fondly known as Bogie and Bacall). Not only did they play strong character roles in movies, but they were also married, so it was interesting to see the 1940's dame starring alongside the tough guy in both roles as characters and in real life. As my thoughts evolved, I wanted something different for my book series. I didn't think that my story could live up to the fine roles the couple had played. Finally, I settled on the English heroine and the American architect, thus, Jane Eyre and Frank Lloyd Wright. The series gained a universal appeal and the idea stuck with me, it clicked, and the trilogy turned series was born. Jane Eyre (by Charlotte Bronte, one of the three Bronte author sisters), and Frank L. Wright (Architect of New York City's Guggenheim Museum of Art) widened my scope. With Eyre and Wright, emotion and eccentricity were paramount. There was a wide range of fiction writing that I could do with the main characters having similar personalities. It would become highly interesting to say the least.       

Kathi Kenner
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