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Return of The Bedroom Tapes: Repercussions- La Marriage

What isn't there to love, love, love about Book #4 of The Repercussions Series? In Return of The Bedroom Tapes: Repercussions- La Marriage, a height in the story is reached. Jack Cavfontoli is plagued with guilt of a failed friendship with Paul Munzar and Kayla Klyne and offers to arrange and pay for their wedding. Ciro and Claronz Cavfontoli have offered, as well, to smooth over the bad feelings regarding previous fights about the ancient wind chime. But is Jack to be trusted? Is Paul really a free man?    

There is a brutally honest telling of what Kayla Klyne's family and friends really think about her and the happiness that she seeks and hopes to find with Paul Munzar. Unexpected jolts surprise throughout the book and will keep your eyes on the pages. The sleight of hand abounds. This installment of the series is ultra- captivating. Will Kayla's wishes be fulfilled? If anyone believes that they can guess the outcome of Book #4 of The Repercussions Series, don't. 

Again, the series is musically themed, not just by the hauntingly beautiful wind chime but by the mention of many artists' songs, including many songs by John Klemmer, Expect the best. You will enjoy Return of The Bedroom Tapes: Repercussions- La Marriage, The Repercussions Series.   

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