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About The Author

In 1980, Kathi Kenner was a pioneer in tele-selling probably the first manufactured cordless phone to hit the market: The Uniden Extend-A-Phone with a 300-ft. range and an A-circuit system. Kathi remembers a manager for an upper Midwest Coast To Coast Hardware store telling her, "Lady, I've never seen a phone without cords or wires, send me one." She did, and he ordered a case, plus accessories. They hit the market like the explosion of Mt. Saint Helens that same year; she could never have imagined what the phone business boom is today. While living in Texas, she telemarketed timeshares for Lake Livingston and Walden on Lake Houston and    worked for a start-up newspaper featuring Greco wrestling. Locally, she sold sports advertising for many speedways nationwide, including Grand Junction Speedway, Grand Junction, Colorado and Quechan Speedway, Yuma, Arizona. She has sold music memberships and DVD's by phone for Sony/Bertelsmann. Kathi's            professional sales background also includes being an insurance representative for a Chicago-based insurance giant and a 16-year career brokering mortgages (with some mortgage banking experience)--until just before the crash. A 9-year hospitality position followed. 

A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, Kathi Kenner was born an artist and also enjoyed oil painting classical artists' work ( her rendition of Salvador Dali's The Witch Tree, and Joseph R. Meeker's Bayou Plaquemine, Louisiana, Circa 1861). She was a fierce athlete in school, track and field and a swim team member, going on to walk 14-miles in later years, and still working in art when she finds time. She loves to dance, math, reading and writing as she has throughout her life. She was a member of the Noble Writers writing group for a year and was a member of the Harper Collins on-line writing community on, Glasgow, Scotland, (e-book division) for 4 years.   

Kenner is now the proud debut author of a series of sizzling romantic suspense novels, The Bedroom Tapes: Repercussions, Book 1 and The Repercussions Series. She intermittently works on other writing projects, as well. Currently living in Central Indiana. Read Chapters 1 & 2 at:


Previous Work:

Mass market selling of the original, manufactured cordless telephone via phone; Sports publication advertisement          selling for speedways nationwide via phone; Mass marketing of credit cards on college campuses; Resort timeshare presentations via phone; Insurance field representative; Independent contractor kiosk selling for the Indianapolis Star; Senior loan originator for mortgage brokering.  

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