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For Whom the Chime Toils:

By Kathi Kenner

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Jane Erye Meets Frank Lloyd  Wright 

Book #3 of The Repercussions Series, For Whom the Chime Toils: Repercussions, is full of suspense, full of romance, the mystery heightens. But does that love outweigh the secrets and scheming to come? Several years have swiftly passed since Kayla Klyne and Paul Munzar have laid eyes on one another. Can the torch, the flames of the hearts be reignited, this time to last? Or, even in their absence did something deep down underneath keep their love smoldering, making another chance easier?                                                                                                                 

New challenges arise out of the blue regarding the ancient wind chime. A new contender from a new vista is willing to fight to the death for this percussion that he claims his family owned in ancient times in Japan. "What am I to do?" might as well be what Paul Munzar has to say about the challenges he faces at the moment: is the regale 17th-century wind chime worth dying for? Paul is confident that he is still the proud owner despite being contested. He is fed up with architecture, the awards and gratitude being slim, if any, and the extenuating attempts that the Cavfontoli's seek to lure him from a complete break. Will they help seal the fate of who is the rightful owner?  

The musical theme plays on accenting, tempering, adding the truth to the story in words, silent breaks and, oftentimes, just plain, soothing music: The Repercussions Series continues.   

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