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The Bedroom Tapes: Repercussions

The Repercussions Series

Jane Eyre meets Frank Lloyd Wright  

Jane Eyre meets Frank Lloyd Wright in this sexy, sultry, steamy romantic suspense novel, with a dramatic bent and good strong characters. College drop-out Kayla Klyne takes an excellent tele-sales position with the smallest and best office in Indianapolis selling exotic perfumes. She is hoping this will help her cope with life--a life of anxiety, insomnia, loss, and sorrow. Nearby, she meets the secretive, mysterious architect Paul Munzar, who strives to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize, and try, he does. Could one of his biggest secrets and mysteries surround the hauntingly beautiful 17th-century wind chime he possesses? Could a mystery as big be about a mysterious recluse who intermittently appears? What hold does she have on Paul? Paul does an excellent job of wielding the fictional traits of Edward Fairfax Rochester, but will he show as much of the personality and charm of Frank Lloyd Wright, as well? How did he come to own the chime and what is his obsession with The Bedroom Tapes?    

Born to lie, defy and deceive [is] deranged former architect Jack Cavfontoli who Paul jokes, "Jack couldn't put a lean-to together." Jack was raised by his sympathetic uncles, Ciro and Claronz Cavfontoli, architects in their own right. This kept him from wandering the globe with his gypsy parents who abandoned him. Jack loathes Paul and wants everything that he has gained. What is Jack hiding about the recluse? Does he have a thing for Paul's wife? What does he know about the wind chime percussion? This is an intelligent read--though the characters are complex, sometimes to a fault. This is the allure of The Bedroom Tapes: Repercussions. 


The drama builds with each book of The Repercussions Series. So it can only be doled out one book at a time. There is a ton of music to ease the tension-filled book, with John Klemmer, (think "Touch" and think "Barefoot Ballet") setting many of the scenes. In the melee the characters must decipher what is imagination, illusion, and deceit, and what is the concrete truth before it is too late to stop the spiraling tumult. Case in point: Seasides are quite pleasurable, but realize that sometimes sharks are lurking just beyond the docks.     

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Author's Notes

This is such an exciting book series to talk about.  I am thrilled with the progress I have made after the years it has taken to get to this point. With a series, I've learned it is hard to gauge the amount of time any one project will take. It depends on a number of factors including momentum, time and finding the right words. Then comes editing and marketing. After all that comes the satisfaction of realizing you have completed another project. Yes, you will want to read this. Chock-full of  highly romantic suspense and drama, I know you will enjoy the mysterious architect Paul Munzar, the emotional Kayla Klyne and the notorious villain Jack Cavfontoli in The Bedroom Tapes: Repercussions, Book One and eventually, the Repercussions Series.  

--Author Kathi Kenner   

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